Smart separator 12/24 V

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The battery separator reinforced CYRIXes a relay controlled by a microprocessor that automatically connects batteries in parallel when one of them has reached a preset voltage, and disconnects when the voltage decreases below the waterline.

Cyrix battery combiners are an excellent replacement for diode bridges. The main feature is that there is virtually no voltage loss so that the output voltage of alternators or battery chargers does not need to be increased.

Overheat protection: in case of overheating due to high ambient and / or excessive current, the Cyrix-CT disarm temperature. It will operate normally when the temperature has fallen again.

Priority starter battery: in a normal arrangement, the alternator is directly connected to the starter battery. The service battery and other batteries were connected each to the starter battery with Cyrix combiners. When a Cyrix senses that the starter batwería voltage has reached the connection will be activated to allow parallel charging of the other batteries.

Bidirectional voltage sensor: The Cyrix senses the voltage connected batteries. Therefore, it will also be activated if, for example, the service battery is being charged by a battery charger.

intelligent battery monitoring to avoid repeated commutations: Cyrix software CT-120 does more than simply connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and with a fixed time delay. The Cyrix-CT looks at the general trend (increase or decrease in voltage) and reverses a previous action only if the trend has reversed over a period of time. The length of time depends on what voltage deviation from the trend.

Smart separator 12/24 V


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Smart separator 12/24 V

Smart separator 12/24 V