Intelligent battery controller

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With this controller never runs out of power more in batteries, because him know before fully discharged and unable to start the engine
This intelligent controller voltmeter unlike normal controls download and battery charging and audible alarm indicates that your battery is
very low load.
During the early hours to take and record the discharge curve and create batteries installed in its internal memory a series of
logarithmic to update constantly and keep in your memory more than 10 years without power, to control the discharge and battery charging
The panel on the one hand indicate the voltage and discharge bars and load them off to save the situation in which they found the batteries in
off when the controller
Two cables each otror the positive and negative


resolution 0.1 V
Backlit Digital Display
71X26MM Screen
1.5 mm digits
consumption 20 Ma
buzzer alarm function and two first bars flashing
Connecting two wires one to the positive and the negative otror
120x65m Panel
intelligent controller
4 screws
aluminum Panel



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Intelligent battery controller

Intelligent battery controller

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