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Formula Boat Engines

Its advanced formulation provides all types of engines, outstanding protection against friction and wear in all seasons and climates.
Improvement cold start and protects the engine against wear in critical situations such as starting, short runs, high temperatures, faulty lubrication system, etc. Improving engine response and increases its power balance between cylinders compression significantly reduces friction noise and vibration.
Prevents more severe wear problems camshafts and wear in shirt-segment-piston.
Increases the performance and durability of the treated and subjected to friction parts, allows an engine to work longer even losing oil pressure or the oil itself.
Drastically reduces friction between parts, up to 95%, this will result in lower consumption of fuel and oil. Engine temperature, the oil and water or coolant will be significantly reduced, while the risk of over pressures and engine cooling circuit is avoided.
In equipped with turbo engines, constant oil film in bearings caps, prevents oil charred by the high temperatures in the axis of the turbo.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, protects and extends the life of the catalyst and the particulate filter.
Prevents premature oxidation of the oil and longer stable properties even in engines equipped with EGR systems.
A single application of METAL LUBE is effective for 1000 hours, is not lost with oil changes, it can be used with new or used oil.
Does not generate any type of layer or increased tolerances, it can be used in completely new engines, although we recommend putting it after the first 500 hours. so that the engine has the first initial wear necessary for a good fit.
Of usage in all types of engines: Gasoline, Diesel, Gas, Ethanol, turbocharged, etc.
It can be used in engines where it bathes the engine oil gearbox.
Add METAL LUBE oil in the crankcase engine. No need to remove oil from the crankcase, this formulation will be absorbed by the metal and not increase the total volume recommended.
It can be used with new or used oil.
A container of 236 ml. It is sufficient to engines using up to 8 liters of oil. Regardless of the engine displacement.
METAL LUBE only the metal is subjected to friction, no oil additive.
Reapply every 2,000 hours.
236 ml containers.


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